expands crypto offering with Bitcoin Spot

Global fintech brokerage,, has revealed it has added a new offer to its cryptocurrency product line.

The multi-licenced brokerage house has decided to expand its crypto offering to respond to growing customer interest in the cryptocurrency world. also conducted an internal survey corroborating this conclusion. As a result, the brokerage decided to supplement its product offer to include EUR denominated crypto, as well as Bitcoin Spot. expands crypto offering with Bitcoin Spot’s crypto offer includes:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Spot
  • Ethereum USD
  • Ethereum EUR
  • Litecoin USD
  • Litecoin EUR
  • Ripple

Wasim Zayed, the Executive Director at Key Way Investments Ltd, the company operating under its CySEC regulation, commented:

Educating our clients sits at the heart of our strategy. We’ve always been bound to rendering the best knowledge resources, as evidenced by the numerous education materials we provide. We see client safety as paramount, this being the prime cause we have been so attentive and cautious to the crypto world. Yes, there’s nothing hotter right now than crypto, but again, nothing says “risk” better than the bitcoin fairy tale we’re seeing. We partnered up with the best players in risk-management, order management, and liquidity, to produce secure and straightforward trading methods that could aid our clients take advantage of the crypto boom. As supporters of transparency and trust, we ensure the very best standards of safety at all times. grants its clients with access to over 2100 CFDs, enabling them to diversify and broaden their perspectives whilst properly managing their risks.

Wasim Zayed continued:

We are proud to be able to offer our clients not only an massive range of carefully selected CFDs but also access to personalized trading services, high-tech trading software, integrated trading resources, and 100% commitment to education through CAPEX Academy, which is probably the main interest feature for our customer base. And we’re just getting started.”

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