Around 80% of all Bitcoin nodes are located in 10 countries


The price of Bitcoin may be plunging, but there are pretty interesting statistics to acknowledge. According to data from Data Light, around 74% of all bitcoin nodes are located in only 10 countries, with the United States having the largest number of nodes.

In the US there are 2,625 Bitcoin nodes, while in Germany there are 2,016 and in France – 698. What this means, as noted by CryptoGlobe, is that the US, Germany and France hold over 50% of all Bitcoin nodes in the entire world.

In addition to the three leading countries, the Netherlands, Canada and China followed as the second “pack” of leading Bitcoin node “countries”. Countries such as Lithuania, Ukraine and Brazil have more than 85 nodes, a number that ranks these countries in the top 20 worldwide. Other countries, with a total amount of around 1,400 nodes are not even ranked in the first top 20.

Putting this data into perspective, it means that Singapore and the Netherlands have the highest number of Bitcoin nodes per capita, since both of the countries are pretty small, but mining activity is high.

The United States has around 120,000 citizens for every node of mined Bitcoin. What these nodes actually do is help validate the transactions along the chain of blocks. It means that when a full node is run, the validation is full and complete. So the fuller the node, the better, more efficient the chain and the less chance of point of mistake.

The data and research comes from Data Light.


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