B2BinPay launches new website and pricing plan changes

Crypto payment processor provider B2BinPay has revealed several changes to its fees, website design, Enterprise and Merchant Models, and overall solution.

The updates include adjustments to the prices and fees to make the solution more cost-efficient for businesses. Additionally, the company website has been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly. Furthermore, the B2BinPay platform has been upgraded with a number of new features.

Pricing plan changes

The B2BinPay team has restructured the pricing plans of the solutions. Merchant Models now include lower percentage tiers and volume thresholds.

Enterprise clients can now benefit from reduced onboarding fee from $1,500 to $1,000 and adjusted the threshold of percentage tiers, considerable lowering the costs for Enterprise users.

In addition, the B2BinPay solution offers outbound transaction with no fees.



Website update

The new B2BinPay website new design features multiple pages, each dedicated to different products and services.

The new design features a comprehensive guide to On-Chain and Off-Chain transactions. On-Chain transactions are executed on the blockchain, requiring verification by other network users. These transactions have no commission fees, but associated blockchain fees still apply.

Off-Chain transactions are executed outside of the blockchain and are almost instantaneous with no added costs. This allows for decrease in transaction times and blockchain fees.

Additionally, the Available Currencies” page provides customers with convenient and intuitive way of reviewing 80 available coins, allowing users to browse through a wide range of currencies with up-to-date information about current and newly supported assets.

An FAQs page has been created t provide quick and complete answers to all inquiries covering broad range of topics, such as services provided, features available, security policies, among others.

B2BinPay’s API facilitates blockchain payments business can make into their existing systems. All the necessary documents for setup are easily accessible on the platform as well as features like Merchant Invoice Limits, Delta Amount, Cardano (ADA) support, and various efficiency enhancements for improved usability.

Token options

The number of currencies and tokes on the B2BinPay platform for both Merchant and Enterprise clients, has also been increased with nearly 100 new tokens such as WBTC, ANKR, GALA, and IMX.

Enhanced Merchant Models

B2BinPay has made significant changes to the structure of its models from two to three. The solution now offers Enterprise, Merchant (Fiat Settlement), and Merchant (Crypto Settlement) models, the latter offering virtual wallets denominated in USDT, USDC, and BTC.

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