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December 19, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

The chemical effects of trading

The best thing you can do for your trading account is to get a grip. Yael Warman from Leverate explains… The best thing you can do for your trading account is to get a grip. Let me explain. Brian Knutson, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford University, found that financial trading has the…

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December 12, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

How to improve customer retention

The success and failure of a forex brokerage often come down to those things that a company is able to do well. Retention has to be one of those things done well. Yael Warman from Leverate explains... Whilst sales conversions are often the focus due to the cost of leads and the profit potential in…

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December 01, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

5 tips for designing landing pages that convert

Here are some easily implemented tips that are proven to amplify the number of conversions that your website will be able to produce, courtesy of Yael Warman from Leverate. So you’ve just registered your forex brokerage. Congratulations! But before you pop open the champagne, let’s give a thought to what your landing page, the front…

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November 22, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

How FinTech is changing banking and how we use our money

How is FinTech changing the way we think about money, spend money, lend money, move money....? Yael Warman from Leverate takes a peek. This is the story of Satoshi Nakamoto, though that's not his real name. He had an idea for an electronic currency verified by a block chain, unlinked to any central bank or…

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Crypto’s worst cynics have failed to discourage institutional investors
November 15, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

8 secrets top brokers don’t want their competition to know

What makes a brokerage great? As much as the market has become overcrowded and competition has become fierce, some companies have managed to stand out from the rest and become what most would refer as “great”. Greatness is however not a destination, if merely because no company is perfect. Greatness is a path that a…

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November 07, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

How to put a face to your online business

How to imbue the human touch to an online business? Leverate's Yael Warman discusses. Everyone agrees that operating a brokerage online is more efficient, cost effective and has the means to provide excellent user satisfaction. However a significant drawback is that it is hard to imbue the human touch into your trading services, as brokers…

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November 03, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

Why your website sucks

More than a handful of Retail Forex brokers have a website which can be easily described by those dreaded two words: It sucks. Leverate's Yael Warman provides a few tips to improve your website's ability to create conversions, by focusing your efforts towards making minor but impactful changes. The worst thing (well at least one…

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October 26, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

8 ways to turn your audience into a loyal herd

Using valuable content to connect with your audience is one way to guarantee clients don’t leave you so easily. What are the other ways? Leverate's Yael Warman reviews... All companies strive to keep their clients loyal to their brand and in the Forex industry, where traders often jump from one brokerage to the next at…

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October 10, 2016 BY LeapRate Staff

The ins and outs of Customer Feedback

Why is customer feedback so important? Yael Warman, Content Manager at Leverate, takes a look. In business, customer feedback is your bread and butter. It is the way in which you know whether you are doing things right or you need to adjust to improve your business, products or customer experience. It is a key component…

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