8 ways to turn your audience into a loyal herd

Using valuable content to connect with your audience is one way to guarantee clients don’t leave you so easily. What are the other ways? Leverate‘s Yael Warman reviews…


Yael Warman, Leverate

All companies strive to keep their clients loyal to their brand and in the Forex industry, where traders often jump from one brokerage to the next at the first offer of a higher bonus, building loyalty amongst your audience is critical to ensure success.  Using valuable content to connect with your audience is one way to guarantee clients don’t leave you so easily. Here are 8 ways to use content to build up loyalty:

Write with the client’s interest in mind. You are in love with your brokerage and it is only natural that you want to talk about how great you are, but your client doesn’t care about you. You know what they care about? Themselves. They care about what they’ll get out of doing business with you. Whatever marketing piece you write, keep the principle of “WIIFM?” (What’s In It For Me) in mind, from the client’s perspective. Let the client know how they’ll benefit from using your product or service. Develop pieces that will add value to your product, such as educational videos, e-books and the like.

fish-near-hooksPublish frequently. It’s a scientific truth. The more lines you have out, the better your chances at catching fish. Not everyone on your list will read your blog posts, not everyone will come across your Facebook post or Tweet. The more you publish, the better your chances at getting your marketing pieces read.

Be consistent. Humans are creatures of habit. Once you get someone’s attention and they like what they see, they’ll come to expect more of the same or better. If your marketing strategy includes writing blog posts (and it should), don’t publish one great blog post this week and then nothing for the next two months. Be consistent in your scheduling. Have a content calendar and stick to it. If you decide to publish two blog posts per week and 1 social post per day on each social media channel, your audience will fall into the routine and people will begin to expect your pieces.

Remarketing. We want to build loyalty, but to do so, we must first convert visitors into clients. According to studies, anywhere between 62% and 80% of users abandon their online shopping carts mid-purchase. Whether it was because your UX was poorly designed or because the user got distracted by a video of a pasta-eating cat on Vine, remarketing can help you bring back the selling opportunity.

Personalize user experience. Anthony Robbins’ Six Fundamental Human Needs lists Significance as one of people’s fundamental needs which shape our personalities. The need for feeling unique and important are essential and when you personalize your content to show clients that you care about them, you can create great impact. From addressing your audience directly, keeping their needs and wants in mind, to including their names in the communication, targeting it per location and even going as far as sending handwritten notes are all ways in which you can personalize your marketing pieces and show your clients how special they are.

Social media presence. The results of a recent study performed by E-consultancy revealed that 70% of people follow brands on social media to stay on top of special offers. Other reasons why people follow brands on social networks include participating in sweepstakes, shopping, staying on top of events and leaving feedback. With more than a billion active users on Facebook alone, you better make damn sure your brokerage has social media presence.

Social proof. Modern psychological, sociological and economic research have identified a “follow the herd” principle amongst large groups of human beings. Have you noticed the patterns of your news feed on Facebook? One day you wake up and everyone’s profile pictures have a rainbow tint over them, another day Je Suis Charlie takes over your wall, and the next everyone is talking about the election or the hurricane or….this is because people tend to act in the same manner at the same time. Take advantage of the herd principle and prove your brand’s authenticity by including testimonials from authoritative figures and telling your audience that “others like you are already trading xyz/abc pair and making money. Don’t be left behind”

Exposure. Do you know how you sometimes meet another human and you are like “I like this one, I’m gonna hang out with it” and the more you hang out, the more you like them? That’s because the more you get to know a person who you have common interests with, the more likely you are to find more and more things in common and you just end up liking each other more. Apply the same principle to your brand. Allow people to get to know your brand more so they can get to like it more. Increase your exposure to your audience to give them a chance to know your brand better.

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