Israeli cyber police arrest Bitcoin blackmail artist

In a swift action by Israeli police, a suspected extortionist from Mexico has been detained on arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv following an investigation which has brought allegations against a 34 year old man citing blackmail and extortion of millions of dollars in Bitcoin

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Bitcoin’s falling price explained

Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO of Coinsetter has stated that while it is clear that the price of any asset will be determined by the interplay between buying demand and selling pressure, it is important to understand who the current market participants are and why they make certain decisions

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Bitcoin makes it big in Pakistan

Urdubit goes live in Pakistan, providing full exchange facilities and facilitating Bitcoin transactions globally. Could this be Pakistan’s savior and lead the nation’s populace into international business?

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“Bitcoin to replace gold” says Jon Matonis

Speaking at the Institute of Directors conference in London, Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis reveals how he considers virtual currency to be the future default means of security replacing traditional commodities

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