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March 10, 2020 BY Valentina Kirilova

Eurozone: If you’re standing still, you’re moving backwards?

The following market analysis was prepared by Ramy Abouzaid, ATFX (AE) Head of Market Research. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus and the uncertainty in the markets, the eurozone economic sentiment - especially in its biggest economic countries – wasn’t really optimistic. And it is not like, they were that optimistic before - many long…

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Daily Market analysis
February 25, 2020 BY Valentina Kirilova

Daily market commentary: Traders are paying more attention to warnings from large international groups

ActivTrades’ Market Analysts prepared their daily commentary on traditional markets for February 25, 2020. This is not a trading advice. See details below: EUROPEAN SHARES European equities initially ticked higher after yesterday’s sell-off. However, this initially bullish move was short-lived as most markets dipped shortly after the opening bell, leading prices close to yesterday’s lows.…

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