BATS Global Markets completes migration of options market to NY5

BATS Global Markets has eported that the migration of its options market to the NY5 data center in Secaucus, New Jersey went as expected and the BATS Options system handled more than 2 billion messages during the past two days with message rates exceeding 4 million messages per second at the close

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Hotspot FX reports 19.2% gain in ADV in March

Average daily volumes at newly-acquired institutional ECN Hotspot FX totaled $31.5 billion compared to $26.4 billion in February, whilst total trading volume was up from $528.5 billion to $694.9 billion

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BATS Global Markets establishing FX matching engine in London

Hotspot, which was acquired by BATS on 13th March, will continue to operate its matching engine in the New York area. The London matching engine will target Europe and Asia and specific FX currencies that dominate the European and Asian trading hours

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