BATS Global Markets completes migration of options market to NY5

North American multinational operator of exchanges and services the for financial sector BATS Global Markets, Inc. Class A Common Stock (BATS:BATS) has today reported the successful and complete migration of the BATS Options market to the Equinix NY5 data center in Secaucus, N.J., on Monday, April 13.

The migration went as expected and the BATS Options system handled more than 2 billion messages during the past two days with message rates exceeding 4 million messages per second at the close.

All BATS Options customers participated on the platform and market share finished at a strong 9.2% Tuesday.

“We are pleased to successfully migrate the BATS Options market in a seamless manner to the NY5 data center, marking an important milestone in the overall migration process, and we thank our customers for their continued support,” said Chris Isaacson, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer for BATS. “With our growing options market share tracking at a record 9.6% this month, and our new home at the NY5 data center, BATS Options is well-poised for growth in the months ahead.”

To create greater efficiencies and reduce infrastructure costs for its members, BATS is moving all of its U.S. markets to the NY5 data center. BATS began this process earlier this year with the migration of two of its equities exchanges, EDGA and EDGX, to NY5 on January 12th and will move its two other equities exchanges, BYX and BZX, on May 4th. BATS eventually will move the Hotspot FX market technology to NY5; more details regarding that move will be made available later this year.

In preparation for the final phase of the migration of the BYX and BZX Exchanges, BATS will host the final weekend test for members to test the new environment on Saturday, May 2nd. Also, daily testing opportunities are available through test symbols on the exchanges.

For the official announcement from BATS Global Markets, click here.

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