Guest Editorial: Switzerland on the defensive?

In the aftermath of Switzerland’s floor drop which created dramatic and unforeseen circumstances for FX market participants globally, is the Eurozone heading for quantitative easing?

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Guest Editorial: Hedging FX in a Complicated World

Emet Trading Solutions Business Development Manager Eugene Potapov goes into detail on how to use sophisticated software and market knowledge to master the art of hedging in FX in today’s world of narrow spread and a-book order flow

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Guest Editorial: A way out for the Nigerian Naira knockdown

Nigeria has caught the interest of many retail FX companies recently as an emerging market with an eager potential client base. Blackwell Global’s Research Analyst Alex Gurr details the landscape surrounding Nigeria’s sovereign currency

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Guest Editorial: The colder war

Can FX trading in Russian currency be spurred by broad economic factors in Russia, especially bearing in mind the circumstance that surrounds one of Russia’s main commodities and the industry that produces and refines it: oil. Paul Orford reports.

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