Institutional FX expert Sol Steinberg takes a close look at what lies ahead – Guest Editorial

“The divergence between central bank policies is likely to drive the investing agenda around FX over the next five years. For investors that have been involved in the US market, quantitative easing effectively put stimulus into the market that allowed businesses to refinance at very low rates” – Sol Steinberg, Founding Principal, OTC Partners

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A decade on, how has the squawk industry evolved?

“Streaming live audio and video of key speeches and testimonies, alongside the accompanying reports and previews provide the end-user a far more comprehensive and complete first-hand view of what is making the markets tick” – Harry Daniels, CEO and Founder, LiveSquawk

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Guest Editorial: Pro-HSBC media a ‘fraud on readers’

Paul Orford takes a look at the media coverage of the allegations against HSBC, in that Peter Oborne claimed that the Daily Telegraph’s management had deliberately supressed stories in order to retain a valuable advertising account. Mr. Oborne outlined that one former Telegraph executive told him HSBC was “the advertiser you literally cannot afford to offend.”

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