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bitcoin hacker
January 13, 2020 BY Mariela Naydenova

Hackers in North Korea steal cryptocurrencies through Telegram

The infamous failed ICO of Telegram has sparked controversy in the cryptocurrency industry and how the SEC is involved in regulating the sector. As LeapRate recently reported, after the SEC rejected the GRAM crypto and demanded to see how the raised funds were used by the company, Telegram actually hesitated to give such information to…

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December 27, 2019 BY Mariela Naydenova

Uzbekistan bans its citizens from purchasing cryptocurrencies

Uzbekistan has allegedly banned its citizens from buying cryptocurrencies. According to local news media Novosti Uzbekistana, it was the National Project Management Agency that has barred its citizens from buying digital coins, even ones on established exchanges. The news comes out as a shock to many, especially since Uzbekistan was thought of "crypto friendly" place. For example,…

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November 08, 2019 BY Mariela Naydenova

Ripple CEO on cryptocurrencies: Only 1% will survive

Brad Garlinghouse is definitely one of the most well-known figures in the cryptocurrency world. He is the CEO of Ripple. He recently gave his opinion on what the cryptocurrency future can look like, and it's not a positive outlook in terms of numbers of surviving alt coins and volume. Garlinghouse predicts that around 99% of…

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Cryptocurrencies and real estate now added to Swissquote's Robo-Advisor
August 22, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

Cryptocurrencies and real estate now added to Swissquote's Robo-Advisor

Leading online Swiss bank Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) announced that it has added cryptocurrencies and real estate to its Robo-Advisor. Alongside shares, fixed-income instruments and commodities, Swissquote's clients will now be able to invest in crypto and real estate.  The first Swiss automated asset manager, Robo-Advisor, was launched back in 2010, providing the ideal…

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