DAV’s drones to deliver you pizza and accept cryptocurrency payments

DAV's drones to deliver you pizza and accept cryptocurrency payments

DAV Foundation has announced the launch of its exchange platform for autonomous transportation services via payments in cryptocurrencies.

DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles)’s network connects self-driving vehicles (such as cars, trucks, rovers, and drones) to other vehicles, to customers, and to the infrastructure around them. It allows vehicles to work together, pay each other, and provide services to each other, creating a global marketplace where transportation services are bought and sold. Supported by influential board members, such as veterans of NASA, GM, SAP, the Ethereum Foundation, the founder of Equinix and co-founder of Bancor, DAV leverages the expanded experience of its members to build the future of transportation.

The automotive and transportation industries are currently undergoing their biggest revolution since the invention of Henry Ford’s assembly line in 1908. The booming “sharing economy” is shaking up industries from the rental of office spaces to transportation. In addition to an emerging sharing economy, technological advances will soon make autonomous vehicles an integral part of our daily lives. As these trends converge, the movement of goods and people will take a completely new shape. Vehicles will be akin to packets of data, programmatically sent from origin to destination.

The purpose of the autonomous vehicle platform is to enable a viable cooperation between consumers and service providers: users can access an entire network of self-driving vehicles at their fingertips, with the purpose of immediate and on-demand delivery and transportation services, using secured payment standards through a unified token. The exchange of services between the parties will be run through a communication protocol, which is designed to ease each step of the mission flow – from the initial statement of need through bidding, service fulfillment, and eventually payment.

DAV has attracted some of the minds in various verticals, including blockchain tech, aerospace, and the automotive industry. While the reasons for each individual’s attraction to DAV is as unique as their own personality, it is arguable that what is common to them all is DAV’s ambitious-yet-attainable vision and open approach to what is clearly inevitable.

At DAV, we’re laying the groundwork for a new transportation economy. This is an ambitious undertaking, so we do not plan to do it alone. We’re supported by leading experts in the fields of Blockchain, economics, AI, infrastructure, legislation, and aerospace”, said Noam Copel, CEO of DAV Foundation.

I am thrilled to join the DAV team on its journey to create and launch a new and innovative infrastructure for a global Internet of Transportation,” added Commander Horowitz, A four-mission NASA Space Shuttle astronaut who is the Aerospace advisor of DAV.

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