How AI will bring cryptocurrency payments to online shopping

Artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt the cryptocurrency world, and vice versa. A company name Zwoop, which is in fact an AI-powered e-commerce platform, is specially created to disrupt the online shopping experience for customers around the world through cryptocurrency payments.

The idea behind Zwoop is a very massive and ambitious one, yet practical. Zwoop will not provide its retail clients with the actual ability to accept payments, but will serve as a platform through which buyers will be able to see every product and its characteristics through the platform. Zwoop will be a decentralized e-commerce platform based on AI, which provides flexibility for customers from both sides to benefit from cryptocurrencies and AI.

Once a buyer selects an item, they will purchase it with the Zwoop tokens, which will serve as the actual payment for all items/services provided in the platform.

According to Verdict UK, the company announced that the ICO will begin at the end of September, while the pre-sale will commence at the end of August, 2018. For now, Zwoop is aiming to raise a minimum amount of $20 million through the pre-sale and public offering.

There are several advantages to the platform that Zwoop is creating. First, customers will have the flexibility and time-saving techniques to browse through only one platform and visit multiple websites and products. Second, users will not have to sign in on every website and expose their personal information, so from a security point of view, Zwoop will provide an unprecedented user experience.

What is more, the most superior feature of Zwoop is the AI element. Consumers will take advantage of a sophisticated search not only through key words, but also through deeper understanding of their preferences and searches.

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