Z.com warns against fraudulent forex broker phishing websites

Scammers nick $4.4M in 2018 from online bank access: ACCC

Z.com, the FCA regulated brokerage arm of Japan’s largest retail forex broker GMO Click Holdings Inc (TYO:7177), has issued a warning that there may be some websites which are not operated or affiliated with the company which are potentially intended for the purposes of fraudulently obtaining client information, also known as ‘phishing’.

Z.com advises clients that when accessing Z.com Trade account services, the most secure way is to start from the company’s website (which begins with the URL “https://trade.z.com/uk/”). As with most online regulated retail forex brokers, Z.com’s website is operated within a secure environment which is https:// protected, and clients can view the security certificate if in any doubt by clicking on the green text next to the lock icon in the browser address bar.

Some of Z.com’s account funding services may direct clients to a URL which is a subdomain of https://trade.z.com/uk (for example the Visa/MasterCard funding service (“https://creditcard.uk.trade.z.com“), however these pages are secure URLs which begin with https:// and have a verifiable security certificate if you click on the green lock or https:// text.

If someone notices a website and is unsure as to whether it is operated by Z.com Trade, or is not https://protected as described in points 1 and 2 above, Z.com advises not to enter any of your personal details on the website, and contact a member of the Client Services Team who will be able to assist further.

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