X Open Hub adds MAM and IB system as an integral part of its ‘Open Trading Platform’

X Open Hub, a fully open API Forex and CFD brokerage technology solutions provider for Banks and Brokerages has announced new additions to its product line further centralizing features for a more complete all-in-one offering. The company has more than 100 professionals handling product development and brokers’ support. You can read the press release below:

X Open Hub (XOH), the leading trading technology vendor, now provides integrated MAM and IB Management System modules as standard. Both modules are fully integrated components of the XOH hosted trading environment.

Clients using the X Open Hub trading environment will now benefit from offering their customers two new modules with advanced functionality:

  1. xMAM – The web-based Multi Account Manager is available to Money Managers as an integrated module in the XOH trading environment. xMAM is designed to reduce the administrative overhead for clients thereby saving both time and money. Money Managers using xMAM benefit by making bulk trades with multiple instant allocation methodologies to subaccounts. Money Managers can view their own trading accounts whilst simultaneously observing sub-accounts. Money Managers who trade on their sub-accounts directly from xStation whilst xMAM administers asset allocation and commission management. Money Managers can additionally specify remuneration based on equity, balance or performance.
  2. xIB – The Introducing Broker management module consists of Front & Back Office tools and enables clients to set personalized commissions for individual IBs calculated in real time. The IB can view their clients’ trades and subsequent rebates whilst having access multiple performance reports all delivered real time in an easily accessible format.

Jakub Zablocki, Managing Director of X Open Hub, commented on the announcement: “I am excited by the new releases that enable our Clients to centralise their operations. Our clients, consisting of Banks and Brokers, are looking forward to the addition of the xIB and xMAM modules and the opportunity to further centralise their operations within the X Open Hub trading platform.

“X Open Hub delivered the modules to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of our growing number of Bank and Broking clients. Our clients were especially appreciative that the solutions are an integral part of XOH trading environment. X Open Hub is focused on the stability and reliability of our systems and we will continue to enhance and add further features that will translate into profitability for our clients.”

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