The world’s first traceable coffee – blockchain revolution

After blockchain found numerous applications in industries such as real estate and healthcare, the food and beverage industry is also being disrupted by the technology.

Bet365, a company that creates technologies to streamline  supply chains in various emerging economies, has just announced that it had lended two  programs with three partners in Africa, Europe and North America to produce the world’s first blockchain traceable coffee, as well as use blockchain to trace payments made to coffee farmers.

Bet365’s partners are Great Lakes Coffee, based in Uganda, and Coda Coffee, coffee roaster in Denver. The program will be used to trace the coffee from Denver, USA to Uganda.

According to Globalnewswire: 

“The second program with Moyee Coffee, the world’s first FairChain coffee brand based in Ethiopia and Amsterdam, will be in production for four months long and generate revenue. It will use the bext-to-brew platform to trace coffee from Ethiopa to Amsterdam, as well as payments made to coffee farmers in Ethiopia.”   

The very first program commenced on November 1st, 2017 with a blockchain supply chain from Eastern Uganda to Denver. During this first pilot, the bextmachine “will be deployed in Uganda with Great Lakes Coffee farming partners who will put their coffee cherries for analysis at washing stations, where they will also be paid for their harvest.”

The final destination for the coffee will be in Denver, the place where the coffee is roasted and available for purchase. The secret “sauce” behind the supply chain are actually the linkage between the coffee and special crypto tokens that will serve to track the entire supply chain and lifespan of the coffee.

The second program will be sourcing coffee from Ethiopia and delivering it for roast and sale in Amsterdam with the so-called “bext-to-blew” platform.

The whole idea behind the implementation of crypto tokens to track coffee from these destinations to the final product in Amsterdam and Denver is for all stakeholders in the supply chain to be able to see the process and observe it. Just like with all projects and products that have turned to blockchain for efficiency, speed and transparency, the coffee industry is next in line.



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The world's first traceable coffee - blockchain revolution

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