WooTrader integrates with Tradier API

Tradier, Inc., the brokerage-as-a-service company, on Monday announced that predictive analytics platform WooTrader has integrated with the Tradier API to provide users with the opportunity to purchase and sell stocks directly from within its system.

WooTrader make use of more than 350 technical, fundamental, analyst and options markets indicators to analyze stocks each day. Through its proprietary platform, it measures their performance to produce weighted stock rankings that reflect current stock market trends. Investors leverage Wootrader for investment strategies and with Tradier, they can now execute on timely trades from one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Atanas Stoyanov, Founder and CEO of WooTrader, Inc., said,

“Wootrader was established to democratize trading for the modern trader and with Tradier, our company is able to extend its commitment to making advanced trading tools accessible to everyone. Our integration with the Tradier API arms our users with brokerage capabilities so they can make data-informed investment decisions and then immediately act on those decisions.”

tradierCraig Russell, Chief Evangelist and SVP of Product at Tradier, Inc., said,

“WooTrader, Inc. helps new and veteran investors alike make smarter trading decisions with its ability to analyze hundreds of different stock indicators as the market fluctuates and share comprehensive and weighted stock information in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply manner. The integration of Wootrader with our brokerage API brings all-in-one, user-friendly trading solutions to retail investors and grants them the ability to easily and immediately go from evaluating a stock ranking, to placing a stock purchase or sale.”

You can view the full press release on the latest collaboration of Tradier Inc. by clicking here.

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