Tradier Brokerage, Equities Lab jointly launch education initiative in the US

Students at US universities will gain real-world investment experiences thanks to a new education initiative launched by Tradier Brokerage and trading analysis platform Equities Lab.

Universities that use Equities Lab in the classroom will have the added opportunity to have students experience live trading directly from the platform via Tradier Brokerage. This education initiative comes on the heels of earlier announced integration of the Tradier API into Equities Lab.

The benefits of the new initiative include:

  • Lower Barrier of Entry — If a student using Equities Lab opens a Tradier Brokerage account, they will benefit from a reduced minimum funding requirement down to $100 (from $1,000).
  • Matched Dollar to Dollar Investment — Students who opt to open a live trading account will benefit from having Tradier Brokerage match every dollar for dollar deposited, up to $400.
  • Frictionless Trades — As part of Equities Labs’ integration with the Tradier Brokerage API, students learning with the Equities Lab platform in the classroom can seamlessly place a trade directly from the platform without having to switch screens and log-in to a new user interface.

“While we remain committed to serving as a proverbial launch pad for innovative fintech companies, we are equally committed to building and arming the pipeline of upcoming retail investors,” said Rio Slaven, Head of Marketing and Community at Tradier, Inc. “Our education initiative and extended collaboration with forward-thinking Equities Lab underscores our digital empowerment and innovation mission in financial services, and we look forward to seeing how today’s students become tomorrow’s capable and confident investors.”

Henry Crutcher, President of Equities Lab, added:

“With our expanded collaboration with Tradier Brokerage, students will benefit from real-world trading resources and experience to become smarter, more experienced investors by graduation day. As fintech clubs are on the rise at many universities, we are excited to have this unique offering with Tradier to help give students using Equities Lab in the classroom an edge.”

The official announcement about the education initiative can be viewed by clicking here.

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