Video: Saxo Bank Global Marketing announces the official launch of interim “Opportunity” campaign

Marketing for retail FX and trading services is a highly competitive race to capture prospects short attention spans. This is even more pronounced when it comes to television advertising with the fragmented media landscape.

To that end, the marketing team at Saxo Bank was excited to announce this week the official launch of it’s interim campaign (H2), which takes steps towards a new brand platform by looking at the idea of “Opportunity.” Check out the very appealing advertisement below:

Saxo Bank states in their release they want to enable and empower all of it’s investors and traders to make the most of any circumstance; this TV commercial does a pretty elegant job capturing the serious and global nature of financial markets today. Saxo says they believe that every market event, whatever uncertain outcome, requires the firm’s commitment of resources so that it’s traders may navigate through any experience.

The release goes on to say that what makes the Saxo experience so unique is the ability to offer user-friendly platforms, with multi-asset capabilities, allowing any trader, anywhere, to seize any and all opportunities. The ad does good job of getting the point across that any person today anywhere around the globe with a decent internet connection can directly tap into global markets and exchanges to trade and invest. Time will tell how this advertisement affects metrics for the company in the second part of 2014.

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