Ventusproxy embeds Azul Zing to improve web user experience

Java runtime solutions provider Azul Systems (Azul), today announced that ventusproxy, a web services platform provider, is embedding Azul’s Java virtual machine Zing into its web services architecture.

Ventusproxy provides an advanced web services query cache platform enabling its customers to process high volumes of requests and helping them manage the unpredictable nature of reservation systems and their related IT costs.

Before embedding Zing, ventusproxy was using a legacy JVM which was causing, on average, 75 millisecond pauses on the Application Programming Interface (API) every 45 seconds. These pauses in application processing led to customer experience that was far from perfect. Since the deployment of Zing, peak GC and application pauses have not surpassed 10 milliseconds and customers are able to scale up single instances of their application to more than 400 GB of in-memory caching which was impossible with their previous JVM.

logo_ventusproxyFrank Casellas, COO of ventusproxy, said: “We have developed one of the leading web caching platforms for the travel sector, however our infrastructure performance was being undermined by the underlying Java runtime. By using Zing, our customers are now in a position to cache all availability information without timeouts, achieve response time reductions of over 70-80% and gain full system visibility into issues before they can detrimentally impact revenue streams.”

Scott Sellers, CEO and President of Azul Systems, said: “Our customers using Zing in the e-commerce, retail and travel sectors are better able to covert traffic and build loyalty because the user experience is consistent and reliable. Zing empowers customers as it is the only JVM designed to deliver high sustained throughput combined with consistent low latency even with very large in-memory datasets.”

Displaying the business benefits that the solution offers, Barceló Hotels, a ventusproxy customer in the travel sector, has recently deployed the integrated product and subsequently reduced response times by 1.5 seconds, improved cache hit rates by 160% and slashed web service errors by 400%.

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