Latest version of Hazelcast Enterprise provides support for Azul’s Java runtime

Java runtime solutions provider Azul Systems today announces a partnership with provider of operational in-memory computing Hazelcast. Azul Zing, Azul’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM), gets certified and supported in Version 3.6 of Hazelcast Enterprise.

Hazelcast’s formal support for Zing, makes it easier for enterprises to build and deploy memory-based webscale Java applications. Hazelcast and Azul Systems will expand their existing success in latency-sensitive domains including financial services, ecommerce, online gaming, and real-time advertising networks.

The combination of Hazelcast plus Zing helps IT and DevOps teams leverage existing Java tools, technology and skillsets, and also markedly extend the operational lifetime and capacity of existing memory-intensive applications.

Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast, said:

“By combining the two technologies from Hazelcast and Azul, enterprise Java applications benefit from increased availability, enhanced performance and ultra-scalability. Both companies are innovators in the field of Java, and by working together we have created a solution which provides developers and DevOps teams with a very powerful and compelling platform.”

Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems, said:

“Zing plus Hazelcast is a very natural pairing. Today we support many of the same customers and similar use cases. By teaming with Hazelcast we help enable our shared customers to drive more revenue through enhanced capacity and a better end-user experience.”

For the full announcement on the collaboration, click here.

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