Updated Swissquote app for iOS devices supports “Themes Trading”

Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) has recently released a new update to its banking and trading application for iOS devices.

The latest version of the mobile application offers a rich variety of enhancements, ranging from the ability to monitor US markets in real time and view recent searches to a new option to attach images to the contact form.

Worth noting is the addition of support for “Themes Trading” functionality. The service was officially released in early September this year. Via the offering, Swissquote aims to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in comprehensible and relatable trends based on the latest market developments.

The latest version of the application also highlights the addition of new issuers on DOTS.

screen322x572Below is a list of enhancements in the app’s Version 5.6:

– «Themes Trading» Investment ideas (Markets and Quotes);

– «Cash Transfer» foreign currency exchange;

– Off-Exchange Trading for German markets;

– US markets in real time (one device at a time);

– New issuers on the Swiss DOTS market;

– Option to attach images to the contact form;

– iOS 9 compatibility;

– View recent searches;

– The P/E ratio is now available for US and Xetra markets;

– You can search for quotes of your lists directly from Spotlight.

Swissquote’s mobile banking and trading app was the first program from a Swiss bank to become available on Apple Watch. Swissquote was also the first Swiss bank to launch an app for iPhone back in 2008, and, subsequently, for iPad, in 2010.

To find out more about the app, click here.

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