UK’s FCA warns of clone firm Tilney Asset Management

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been active in warning about clone firms, that is, about unauthorized businesses using details of authorized companies in order to lure investors more easily.

One more such warning is out today and it concerns a company, which has already attracted the attention of regulators in New Zealand. Just a couple of days ago, New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority (FMA) included Tilney Asset Management in its list of unregistered businesses. Today, the FCA says Tilney Asset Management is a clone of two authorized UK companies: Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited and Tilney Investment Management.

To distinguish more easily among the clone and the authorized firms, check out the information below:

Tilney Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)

Address: Winchester House, 1 Great Winchester Street, London, EC2N 2DB

Telephone: 020 3769 3794


Email: [email protected]

FCA authorised firm details

Firm name: Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited

Firm reference number: 165169

Address: 6 Chesterfield Gardens, London, W1J 5BQ

Telephone: 020 7189 9999


Email: [email protected]

FCA authorised firm details

Firm name: Tilney Investment Management

Firm reference number: 124255

Address: Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 1NY

Telephone: 0151 255 3000

Fax: 0151 236 1252

The regulator notes that the authorized entities are not in any way associated with Tilney Asset Management (the clone firm).

To view the announcement by the FCA, click here.

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