U.S. Forex brokers report 2nd lowest asset total; OANDA closes in on top spots

March data from just released CFTC reports filed May 2nd revealed that in total Forex brokers within the United States for March remained above the $500 million handle at $510,714,141 from the $518,945,514 reported in February, for a 1.6% dip. Though showing setback MoM, the lowest asset total on record occurred a few months ago when $499,339,084 was reported in January. (see graphs above and below).

This report saw the effective removal of IBFX as their FCM license is null after selling their accounts to OANDA. It looks like the $30+ million in assets of IBFX is now starting to show up under OANDA’s data from the aforementioned deal. This provided a big boost to OANDA as they are now closing in on challenging GAIN Capital (only $8 million behind now) and FXCM for the top two spots for biggest broker within the USA market for FX.

The big question still remains, when and if we will see a new entrant emerge into the FX trading space in the United States. Rumors are that Phillips Capital could emerge to enter the sector, but we will have to see. It certainly would be a welcoming to traders looking for different platform and account options.


The big three in the United States for retail based Forex traders remain: FXCM (NYSE: FXCM), GAIN Capital (NYSE: GCAP) and OANDA.


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