Two new BNP Paribas precious metal ETCs launched on Xetra

Deutsche Börse
ETCs provide access to performance of gold and palladium

Two new exchange traded commodities (ETCs) issued by BNP Paribas Arbitrage Issuance B.V. have been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Friday.

The BNPP Gold ETC enables investors to participate in the performance of the precious metal gold, and the BNPP Palladium ETC tracks the performance of the precious metal palladium. Each ETC is based on the cash price in US dollars for a troy ounce (31.1035g) of the underlying precious metal.

ETC name: BNPP Gold ETC
Management fee: 0.99%
Benchmark: Gold

ETC name: BNPP Palladium ETC
Management fee: 0.99%
Benchmark: Palladium

Deutsche Börse’s product range in the ETF and ETP segment currently comprises 1,152 ETFs, 202 ETCs and 132 ETNs.

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