Troubled Forex broker RVD Markets promises further refunds

RVD Markets, the retail Forex broker which became the latest victim of “Black Thursday” events, today published another statement regarding client compensations on its website.

In its latest announcement, RVD says it continues to return clients deposits “in accordance with the procedure established by the commission of bankruptcy” (there is no specification where this commission is based). The broker continues to say that it expects unblocking of funds in Barclays Bank and payment system Skrill.


The latest update comes after an earlier announcement by the company about refunds to be made to clients who have used UnionPay as a funding method. At this point, however, the links provided back then by the broker for filing compensation claims redirect to the front page of RVD Markets’ website.

RVD Markets said it was launching a bankruptcy procedure in June 2015, citing losses resulting from the snap decision of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) on January 15, 2015, to remove the limits to the EUR/CHF exchange rate. While still active, the broker claimed to have offices in Russia, the UK and the British Virgin Islands.

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