FX broker Forex-Market halts operations, cites Swiss franc losses

One more company has halted its operations, citing “Black Thursday” events.

Retail Forex broker Forex-Market, a brand of Capital Investing International LTD, has published a dismal message on its website (https://www.forex-m.com), saying that “dark times in the financial world” have claimed the company as a victim.

While active, the company provided addresses in Russia and the British Virgin Islands. Capital Investing International LTD claimed it had a European license, without any specification in which jurisdiction.

681eca722e4bThe announcement about Forex-Market’s demise comes just three months after RVD Markets also declared bankruptcy, referring to the events from January 15, 2015. RVD also provided addresses in the British Virgin Islands and Russia.

So far, there is no information on how Forex-Market’s clients can get their money back. The announcement bluntly states the blocking of clients’ deposits. There is, however, a reference to a website of a Russian organization called CROFR (https://crofr.net), by which the broker claims to be certified.

Below is announcement as it is published on Forex-Market’s website.

Dear traders, partners!

It isn’t a secret for anyone, that the dark times in financial world – came. War in Ukraine, crisis in Russia, in Turkey and in some other countries. Anyway, all these facts force to financial world’s stability.

In a result of failed hedge operations, in the beginning of the calendar year, on Euro’s fall against Swiss Franc Capital Investing International LTD Company has lost almost all the funds generated for clearing of clients’ positions, on the liquidity providers’ accounts.

We desperately tried to regroup clearing operations based on inner closing of clients’ positions and tried to search the investing on the outside areas.

We tracked how the forex brokers were bankrupting and closing chain by chain from the beginning of the year.

We couldn’t avoid the same doom because of deficit IO on deposit-withdraw on company clients’ accounts. The company leaders tried to find ingoing invests from out of company several times, to stable company’s functions. However, it didn’t get to success.

Capital Investing International LTD tried to pullout from this «collapse» by many ways. Developed the new promotion terms, the new company managing models, invested all the private funds, but the given crisis and outgoing events were stronger.

Today, with sorry and pain, I have to announce that Capital Investing International LTD is no longer possible to continue its work, because of all funds exhaustion for servers’ support, clients department, technical department and other things what necessary to successful business administration.

The trading will be stopped with closing by world time and the deposits on clients’ trading accounts will be blocked.

Аpologize for the given force major situation.

Head of Capital Investing International LTD Andreas T. Moustras.

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