Tradologic modifies its binary platform for the gaming industry

Tradologic’s TRADINATOR will introduce 30 and 60 second binary trading terminals, which it calls ‘Financial Entertainment’

Well it is official. Binary Options have now crossed over into financial gambling. But this time it is by design.

One of the leading binary options platform providers, Tradologic, has issued a press release detailing its new solution aimed at the gaming industry. The company’s press release dubs the machine TRADINATOR and plans to offer it for “financial entertainment” purposes to online gaming companies as well as physical casinos as some form of an alternative to slot machines. The complete terminals have several types of games and provide multilingual support.

The online version can be web based using a PC, while iOS and Android mobile devices are supported too. It seems that at least one of the companies that provides binary options platforms has decided to openly link its services to the gaming industry without having a problem about it. We certainly think that it’s a fair approach since nowadays the industry has been actively scrutinized by forex trading companies for turning forex trading into gambling.

Tradologic Tradinator binary options terminal

The games that the TRADINATOR offers are based on the company’s Turbo (60 seconds) and Super Turbo (30 seconds, 15 seconds and 5 ticks) binary options. Without doubt it is an interesting product that might find a lot of common ground with online and physical casinos worldwide. Tradologic has already patented the project to make sure that it remains the sole provider of binary options machines.

According to the press release there are five types of games available right now – Markets Rally, Crazy Markets, Bull & Bear, Forex Gump and Forex Jungle. It is unclear as to what is the difference between different games, however we would bet that it is the length of the binary option and the type of assets offered. The company has launched a new website dedicated to the product – Trade Floors.

There is also a legality advantage of Tradologic’s new product – it can skip some regulations in countries where gambling is forbidden disguised as a financial markets product, while in other areas of the world it can go around the financial markets regulations by posing as a gaming product. The terminal will be demonstrated by the company at the upcoming ICE gaming expo in London next week.

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