TRADOLOGIC increases its Asian focus – launches dedicated binary options white label product

Binary options technology provider TRADOLOGIC has today announced the launch of a dedicated solution which has been designed especially for its South-East Asian white label SupaBinary.

TRADOLOGIC asserts that it is the only binary options platform provider to offer the unique product Agent System. Both easy to operate and highly advanced, the agent system is an affiliate system that allows binary option operators in South- Eastern Asia to have land-based agents.

The agent system is a derivative of TRADOLOGIC’s platform where operators in the Asia Pacific region have real contact with a network of agents and traders. The traders perform trades and, depending on whether they end on profit or loss, give or receive balance. The participants in the trade have the opportunity to choose whether the transactions will be performed through credit cards or through cash balances distributed by the operator. The activities on the platform are reported on settlement periods each week or month.

What is specific for Agent System is that the transactions are distributed among the members of the agent system and thus the risk is decreased. This financial trading model has proved to be very successful on the Asian market.

The new product will help TRADOLOGIC’s clients develop their operations and grow a land-based affiliation system appropriate for the Asian region. SupaBinary has been using Agent System for two months and is already reporting an increase in customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

“The agent system is an important addition to TRADOLOGIC’s products as our company is the only binary platform provider to offer an affiliate system that is convenient for the Asian market,” TRADOLOGIC’s CEO Ilan Tzorya said.

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