TradingView offers new indicator package – CIT Toolbox

Financial visualization platform TradingView has added a new indicator package to the offering on its TradingView AppStore – CIT Toolbox.

The CIT Toolbox includes a mix of proprietary swing, pattern and trend trading indicators, and aims to provide its users with a complete and unique technical analysis perspective applicable to any instrument in any time frame.

CIT stands for Change In Trend. It pursues one of the main goals of technical analysis – to determine whether a trend exists in the first place, and second, to determine whether the trend is likely to continue or is about to end. In order to help traders complete this task quickly, consistently and objectively, the CIT Toolbox includes:

  • CIT Angles;
  • CIT Bars;
  • CIT Pivots;
  • CIT Signals;
  • CIT Trend.

The CIT Angles solve the key problem in dealing with Gann angles: finding the correct rise (step, rate of vibration) adapted to price level and volatility. The CIT Bars offer several improvements over Heikin-Ashi, Kagi and Renko bars. The CIT Pivots, Signals and Trend indicators show hidden support/resistance levels and optimal entry and exit points.


To view the announcement from TradingView, click here.

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