Tradimo offers third-party educators to publish content on its website

Tradimo, the innovative online trading school, is stepping up its growth plans by opening up to third parties.

The company will be extending extra opportunities to trainers and educators by allowing them to publish their content on its rapidly growing trading training website, thus creating shared revenue opportunities. In addition, Tradimo plans to widen its subject range to offer courses in trading, investing and personal finance.

Sebastian tradimo play

Sebastian Kuhnert, CEO of Tradimo

The online trading school, part of the CFH Group, boasts more than 120,000 users per month and, until now, has created and owned all its content itself, developing courses from a selected number of educators. Thanks to the new strategy, educators wishing to reach Tradimo’s client base will be able to post their own courses on the website from December 2015, given that their content meets the Tradimo criteria and standards.

Via the new strategy, educators will be able to access a bigger audience than they are likely to be able to reach themselves and will also have the opportunity to generate revenue when their courses are accessed by Tradimo users.

Sebastian Kuhnert, CEO of Tradimo, commented:

“We have gained a lot of credibility in the market having educated over 2.3 million learners to date, and we are now ready to take our business to the next level. In order to grow more rapidly, we need to offer an even wider range of content and pack it into a next-generation online learning environment, attracting even more end users. We currently offer over 250 lessons which we plan to re-package into 25 courses and hope to have more than 100 high quality courses by external educators and brokers by the end of 2016.

“We remain focused on building the largest online training platform and believe there’s huge potential for a wider community to get involved with Tradimo. For example, financial experts launching books about trading techniques or offering webinar trading courses could add an online training course to their portfolio as an extra revenue generation opportunity and a chance to reach an even wider audience. Banks or brokers could sponsor students to do a particular course and use the opportunity as a way to attract new clients.”

Tradimo has ambitious plans to further build its community. Selected users will be involved in quality control programs and the courses will also be peer reviewed.

The school’s offering is currently available in English, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic and will be adding new language in 2016.

Combining Gaming and Education: Tradimo Little Traders

In an effort to attract more people to the world of trading, the team at Tradimo has also been developing a mobile game-based app to engage an audience that has never considered trading before. A demo for the first version of the game, entitled Little Traders, will be available from November 3, 2015.

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