attracts investment to provide free FX training to retail traders as competition hots up

FX educational resource tradimo,com,com has announced that a new investor has been brought on board in order to assist with the firm’s mission to make the financial market accessible for more retail clients by allowing tradimo,com to offer free education for all.

tradimo,com has stated that potential investors who wish to learn about the financial markets and how to trade them will be able to access high quality learning materials, a friendly and helpful community and special offers from top brokers.

Currently, the company’s website is not functional whilst the company performs a redesign of the entire content and refocusing its model around providing a non-chargeable service to its users. tradimo,com’s corporate perspective is that it aims to serve customer requirements by taking a minimalist approach, focusing on very few things and doing these in the best way possible. The most popular offer at tradimo, has been its free education which include lessons, videos and the social community that has empowered over 1.5 million different people to learn about trading.

On this basis, a point of interest is that tradimo,com whilst does not provide social trading services, the company entered into a strategic partnership with ayondo, a social trading network, in October 2013.

A significant reason for the company’s evolution toward new structure is that its previous services have been limited in demand. For this reason, from October 1 2014, the company will open up all of its lessons and courses to everyone and discontinue the premium services, the tradimo,com points and the subscription system, with any customers who have paid a fee for services from this day forward being refunded forthwith.

Upon relaunch, the company intends to provide a clear and easy-to-use website, focused on learning materials, community and top broker offers, which will be accessible to all clients, regardless of their experience.

As there will no longer be a status system, the company is in the process of automatically refunding for the subscription period that pertains to October. The refund will be processed in October and all customers receive a confirmation email once this has been carried out. For those who referred clients to tradimo,com before October 1, compensation will still be paid out, however the Tell-a-Friend scheme will be discontinued with immediate effect due to its lack of viability as a result of the new business model which does not allow for revenue to be generated from subscriptions.

With regard to the investment, the company has not revealed its venture capital partner, or the value of the investment, however the change in business model comes at a time when FX training companies face an onslaught in terms of competition from established firms, one of which being FXStreet which launched its new educational division last week in conjunction with Essex University Online, giving a prestigious and reliable edge to what has until now been regarded as a fringe industry segment.

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