Tradency’s RoboX signs another Belize-based Russia-focused forex broker NPBFX

Tradency, a global Fintech company focusing on product development and advanced services to financial institutions since 2005, and NPBFX, a company specialized in providing trading services on FOREX market since 1996, announced today the launch of the RoboX service. RoboX is a proprietary learning machine which builds a portfolio of strategies according to the most suitable strategies for current market conditions.

LeapRate already reported earlier this week that Tradency and Gerchik & Co announced the launch of RoboX.

Service portfolio of NPBFX contains proposals for any types of clients: individual traders with classic trading strategies; algorithmic traders, HFT-traders, scalpers; traders wanting of liquidity for large trading volume; institutional clients and partners: brokerage companies, hedge funds and corporate clients and traders with individual needs. Adding of RoboX to their already extensive offering, will provide NPBFX customers with new opportunities of profitability in trading financial markets, believe in the company.

Evgeny Chernin, Tradency’s Head of Sales, Russia & CIS, stated:

During its 12 years of existence, Tradency has gathered a tremendous amount of big data, to the point that we currently have a database of more than 1 million strategies. We have designed RoboX as an innovative robo-advisor for the FX market to ensure retail traders remain engaged via continually selecting relevant strategies. RoboX cleverly dissects and analyses the performance of its vast data base of strategies so that it can construct specific smart packages that suits the individual trader in accordance to the ever changing market conditions.

We are extremely pleased of the global warm acceptance of RoboX, and especially glad the Russian brokers such as NPBX are putting their faith and trust in our innovative technology.

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