Tradency launches Sherpa automated CRM platform for Forex brokers

Just a few days after the launch of the Smart Investor CFD, fintech company Tradency has announced today the launch of the Sherpa.

Sherpa is said to be built to enable marketers to identify and support traders in a systematic and automated way from acquisition through retention.

Sherpa maps, manages and measures interaction with traders across their entire life-cycle and key touch-points like demo, deposits, trades & losses. Brokers define their critical business objectives (e.g. volume growth, conversion improvement, churn) and use pre-set, automated campaigns to reach them. Sherpa’s data-based retention methodology is systematic and optimizes to brokers unique clientele.

Dr. Anna Becker, Tradency’s Head of the Automat CRM Department explained further about the service:

Current trader retention efforts are challenging because they are sporadic, inconsistent and costly. Sherpa changes all that – and the economics of broker retention. With smart automation, brokers deliver consistent, timely and effective campaigns to their traders – improving trading volume, lifespan and value.

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