Tradency launches CFD based robo advisor

The Fintech company Tradency has announced today the launch of the Smart Investor CFD. The SI CFD opens a new market niche which can be used primarily as a retention tool and a vehicle to attract substantial AUM. The service will seamlessly integrate with the broker’s existing infrastructures.

The SI CFD offers a robust proposition of a long term, solid investment channel for customers who are on the verge of abandoning active trading. Consequently, the SI CFD prolongs client lifespan and decreases the market-standard high churn levels.

Incorporating the SI CFD service will also add to the broker’s reputation and will diversify its product offering, all of which contributes to securing high client satisfaction.

Lior Nabat

Lior Nabat

Lior Nabat, Tradency CEO expounds:

In addition to churn issues, brokers who implement the SI CFD will enjoy a new source of sizable AUM and resell and upsell opportunities to these remaining live clients in the system. The emergence of the robo-advisory trend had brought us, in 2015, to initiate the development of infrastructures and designing of products that meet market demands.

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