TradeForex, ApuroFX get blacklisted in Japan

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has earlier today published an updated version of its “Black List”, which contains the names of investment companies that offer their services to Japanese clients without having the necessary registration.

The latest version of the “Black List” includes two new names – both are of retail FX brokers that have Japanese versions of their websites and offer a variety of currency trading services to Japanese investors.

  • The first new entry is ApuroFX, a brand of Apuro Holdings Limited, which offers its services via The company’s physical location is unknown.
  • The second entry is TradeForex, a brand of NZ FINANCIAL CAPITAL LIMITED, which offers its services via Regardless of the name of the company, which suggests an address in New Zealand, the actual physical location of the business is unknown.

Japan’s FSA warns investors that dealing with unauthorized businesses is risky and unlawful. Japanese financial laws demand that companies offering trading in derivatives to Japanese investors should obtain the necessary licenses from the Japanese regulators. The requirement applies to overseas businesses too.

To view the updated “Black List”, click here.

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