Trade Interceptor releases a free online trading simulator for mobiles

Trade Interceptor has announced the release of “Traders Gym”, a professional trading simulator designed to help traders test their strategies on real past data, offering the possibility to simulate years of market replay in a short time.

This simulator allows traders to train and trade just like in real-market conditions, working with various currencies simultaneously, using various time frames, and testing different leverages.

As a result of the incorporation of built-in trade reports and trading intelligence analysis, Traders Gym also helps traders fine tune their strategies, day after day, to develop an edge on the market and improve their trading performance.

In the summer of last year, Trade Interceptor took the initiative to launch a fully mobile brokerage solution, demonstrating the company’s focus on mobile-led ideology.

Many retail brokers worldwide have become reliant on offering a mobile trading solution to their clients as a generator of significantly more trading volume than if they only offered a desktop platform. From discussions within certain platform development and marketing professionals, LeapRate has recently highlighted that some companies may seek to move away from desktop platforms entirely, offering tablet and smartphone based solutions only, viewing this as the future for retail brokerage software.

Trade Interceptor has been involved in producing multi-broker mobile solutions for some years, however nine months ago the company announced that it has launched its own in-house retail FX brokerage, which places the emphasis entirely on mobile FX trading.

Traders Gym is a professional trading simulator available on mobile devices. It supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows OS, thus allowing traders to use the trading simulator on both their desktop and mobile devices, while on the go.

“Traders Gym is part of our mission to build the best mobile platform for traders and we continue to lead the market by offering exclusive professional trading features” explains Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, CEO of Riflexo.

Testing and training is a fundamental aspect of online trading and Traders Gym fills a market need for a free, professional market-simulating tool, which can be used from anywhere. With Traders Gym traders can work on various accounts and keep track of their results and improvements at all times. As opposed to brokers demo accounts, Traders Gym accounts don’t expire, giving traders the time to work on their trading technique before trading on the real market, and improve their skills continuously.

Trade Interceptor Trading Simulator 600

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