Tradair uses ELK data visualization tools to reduce issue diagnostic times

eFX trading technology solutions provider TradAir has announced that it has cut ‘issue diagnostic’ times by around 90%, following implementation of open-source monitoring and diagnostic tools.

The tools combine open-source projects Logstash and Kibana, with data visualization tools from ELK – ‘Elasticsearch’, which together enable seamless integration of platform, network and system log-data, that can be searched, analyzed and visualized in real-time.

Using ELK, TradAir has developed a suite of next generation monitoring and diagnostic dashboards and tools, empowering operations and support teams to monitor the health and performance of the entire network, including cloud-based infrastructure in Amazon’s AWS, as well as all client connections in real-time. Enabling teams to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact platform performance, and before clients are aware of them.

TradAir states that its ongoing program of enhancements to the monitoring and diagnostic tools will deliver greater platform stability and performance, which are critically important to clients and their customers.

Tamir Klein, Tradair

Tamir Klein, Tradair

Speaking about the upgrade, Tamir Klein, CTO at TradAir, commented:

Since upgrading our monitoring and diagnostic tools, we have seen ‘issue diagnostic’ times, cut by around 90%, which is a tremendous improvement, and definitely felt by clients.

The tools provide ‘real-time’ visibility across the entire platform, and into every client connection. Empowering us to pro-actively monitor, diagnose and resolve system issues before they impact our clients, or their customers. We can now detect and resolve network delays on any client connection, preventing latency build-up, which if left, would negatively impact execution fill ratios.

We have an ongoing program of enhancements for these diagnostic tools, which we see as creating a competitive advantage for TradAir, as they will drive platform stability and performance, which are critically important factors for clients and their customers.

TradAir are in good company in using ELK, as some of the largest global FX banks, also leverage ELK to provide greater visibility of their trading infrastructure.

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