Tradable simplifies risk management with Autosplitter

Tradable is making risk management easier for users of the customizable trading platform – in fact, a lot easier. Tradable users can now tap into the opportunities offered by a recent addition to the app menu that the platform offers – Autosplitter.

LXd6vVQAutosplitter is a risk management tool which automatically sets stop loss & take profit orders to one’s trades. This way, the solution enables traders to leave aside the bu
rden of manually determining and placing stop loss and take profit levels, whereas letting traders concentrate on trading itself. Autosplitter is especially helpful if a trader prefers advanced trade management methodologies, as it can also be used for partial profit taking.

To get Autosplitter, one should simply visit the AppStore and search for Autosplitter in the “Automated Trading” category. Clicking on the app and pressing TRY+ will add Autosplitter to your workspace.

Autosplitter is able to:

  • set custom stop loss and take profit levels for individual instruments (SET A);
  • set alternative levels (SET B) (these were introduced for those traders who trade on different time frames or apply multiple strategies and are in need of extra flexibility);
  • set multiple take profit orders.

To learn more about Autosplitter, click here.


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