Tradable advances its swing trading capabilities

Avantgarde application-based trading platform Tradable has today announced further functionality aimed at swing traders, notably those who hold an asset for between one to several days in an effort to profit from price changes or ‘swings.’

This enhancement has been delivered just a few days after Tradable launched a workspace aimed at scalpers.

The Tradable Swing trader workspace is divided into four trading screens that supplement trading workflow with its various tools and features. The workspaces guide users through the trading process through steps like market overview, analysis, trade execution and portfolio management.

It brings a smooth trading experience by having different trading screens that can be additionally structured in a way that suits personal preferences.

“Markets” Screen

The “Markets” screen provides a quick glance on what is currently going on in the markets and therefore traders can easily check older news and historic data if necessary.

The FXStreet app is one of the preferred tools that saves time when switching back and forth between the browser and the platform. Traders can have a quick overview of the latest market developments and important levels by just browsing through it. The app provides real time market news and analysis from



In addition to the FXstreet app, The Pro Quotes app gives traders an overview of their favorite instruments and is suited for instant trade execution. Traders can execute different types of orders (Market, Limit, StopIfBid, StopIfOffered) and it allows the full customization of instruments that can appear on the watchlist. Traders can additionally customize how many details about the instruments that they wish to see.



Tradable considers that swing traders are likely to keep their positions open for longer periods and often need to keep track of how much they already invested in certain assets.

The Exposure Meter shows how much of an account is exposed to each asset traded at any given moment. This way traders will know whether they have already exposed an account too much to a certain instrument.

The “Markets” screen also features helpful tools such as an economic calendar, position overview, and which trading sessions are currently open.

The NetDania Chart app features various indicators and traders can execute and manage trades directly from the chart. Additionally, it offers various chart types like Heikin Ashi and Dot charts and over 20 different timeframes down to a 5-second timeframe.

The Advanced Orders app allows the execution of exotic order types like “OCO (One cancels the other)”, “If Then”, and “OCO If Then”. These “set-and-forget” order types help in taking advantage of breakouts and allow traders to position themselves in the right market direction with having an account protected once in a trade.

The Basket Trader app allows traders to set up a trade with multiple currencies against one single currency. Instead of opening multiple trades with the same currency the app does this for traders with one single click.

It is also selectable as to how traders want to split their overall positions between the different currencies in terms of percentages.

“The Charts & Trading I” screen contains additional apps – the Position Cards app, showing all open trades, the Pro PnL Manager app that allows traders to take profits or cut losses with one single click, and the Notes app in order to take notes on trades and assess performance.

“Portfolio” Screen

The fourth screen – “Portfolio” shows the account summary, balance, equity, margin, and open/closed profit and loss.

Traders can also see pending orders in the Order book app and open positions in the Positions app. The Ariel Trade Notebook app allows notes to be taken on trades, and the Audible app provides the option to set sound alerts for specific events such as realized profit, realized loss, and margin reached.



For the official announcement from Tradable, click here.

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