Tokyo Stock Exchange looks to extend trading hours

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is closer to lengthening its trading day after an advisory panel said it should consider a separate evening session. Japan is looking to juice up its capital markets, and this would no doubt provide extra profits for online brokerages.

“I’m absolutely for extending trading times,” said Masakatsu Saito, who runs Internet brokerage Securities, before the study group finished its report. “It’s obvious trading hours are short. When trying something new, it’s easy to find reasons not to do it, but there will always be risks and returns. It’s up to the TSE to weigh those up.”

Yutaka Inui, president of Osaka-based Ace Securities Co., which has been brokering trades for 100 years, said in April that longer hours could create a “gambling den” where price volatility scares off investors. Their views contrast with online brokers, whose labor and infrastructure costs wouldn’t rise as much.

USA after hours stock sessions are known to be slaughtering houses and most advise the prudent investor to stay away, which ever side of the fence you are on for the TSE it’s obvious the equity markets will never be able to compete on a true 24 hour basis which forms the nature of the decentralized currency markets.

A man passes by a logo of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at the bourse in Tokyo

Bloomberg reported that the 19-member panel recommended Japan Exchange Group to look into night trading, which would suit individual investors. It also discussed a separate afternoon session or extending regular hours.

A Japanese news-wire quoted spokeswoman Shoko Kikuchi as saying that the exchange will make a decision on whether to change hours by autumn.

Tokyo Exchange is open for five hours, compared with 8.5 in London and 6.5 in Tokyo, making it the shortest trading day in the developed world.

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Tokyo Stock Exchange looks to extend trading hours


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