TMX Group signs MoU With Shanghai Clearing House focused on RMB

TMX Group and Shanghai Clearing House (SHCH) today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a cooperative relationship to share information with respect to each other’s businesses and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Under the terms of the MoU, TMX Group and SHCH will form a working group to evaluate joint business opportunities, including the development of progressive market solutions and new products to support the growth of foreign investor participation in China’s financial markets. SHCH is recognized by the People’s Bank of China as the Qualified Central Counterparty (QCCP) for Chinese commercial bonds.

TMX Group and SHCH will examine opportunities across each other’s core businesses to facilitate innovation, reduce costs and improve efficiency in both markets. The two organizations will also work together to raise awareness and promote ongoing dialogue concerning RMB bond and offshore RMB topics.

“As China’s economy continues to develop, the country’s financial markets are rapidly opening up to globalization and opportunities for cross-border cooperation,” said Zhen XU, Chairman of Shanghai Clearing House. “The signing of this MOU with TMX Group marks the beginning of an important partnership for SHCH and the cooperation will enhance communications between Chinese and Canadian financial markets.”

“This MoU with SHCH marks the beginning of a promising new relationship for TMX as China begins to take significant steps to open its markets to foreign participation,” said Lou Eccleston, CEO, TMX Group. “We look forward to working with an industry leader to closely examine emerging opportunities in the region to leverage TMX’s depth of capabilities and expertise in operating efficient markets.”

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