TickCOM releases iSTRAT auto trading product for retail traders

TickCOM believes that iSTRAT will be able to circumvent possible regulatory restrictions on copy and follow trading.

Trading software developer TickCOM has announced the release of their new trading platform called iSTRAT. With the possibility of regulatory restrictions on copy trading and social trading, the company offers a solution to retail traders, by implementing certain mechanisms to allow the trader to develop automated trading strategies himself.

This comes at a moment, when European and Australian regulators are considering to introduce a licensing requirement for trader leaders. While the platform essentially offers a different approach to the established social trading way of following an established good trader, it could be an interesting alternative.

iSTRAT offers the opportunity for retail traders to develop their own automated trading strategies by keeping track and tweaking a certain set of parameters, hence creating automated trading strategies themselves. Back testing is available, and the trader has full control of the resulting P/L of the portfolio.

The company states that even with new regulations, the only license that will be needed, is the one of the brokerage which is providing access to the platform. Since the trader will be developing the automated systems independently, this does not contradict with regulatory concerns about the risks associated with following other traders’ opinions.

An email request form for a demo account creation is now available on the website of the platform.

The company reports that it is in the process of integration with a couple of brokerages, which will be announced shortly.

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