IQBroker launches new algo trading platform for equities, futures and forex traders

Las Vegas-based IQBroker LLC has announced the launch of IQBroker, its unique algorithmic trading platform for equities, futures and forex traders.

During beta testing IQBroker will be available for free to everyone. After the beta testing period IQBroker will offer a free Community Edition for advanced charting, portfolio backtesting and trade simulation, as well as several paid editions for live trading.

The company states that after a decade in development, IQBroker allows retail and institutional traders to take advantage of the same powerful algorithmic trading technologies previously available only to the largest financial firms.

IQBroker’s advanced features include:

  • Algorithmic Trading: A fully automated portfolio that is capable of backtesting, optimizing and executing multiple trading strategies in a single integrated environment. Each trading strategy in the automated portfolio can simultaneously trade multiple symbols from multiple exchanges based on multiple bar types and currencies.
  • Discretionary Trading: A polished, feature-rich platform for discretionary trading, including cutting edge charts, flexible workspaces, DOM, T&S and more.
  • Extensibility: An extensible platform architecture that features 18 different types of scripts to control every aspect of both discretionary and algorithmic trading, all of which can be written in C#, VB.NET, F# and R.NET.
  • Broker Neutrality: A broker-neutral solution that supports multiple leading brokerage and data providers.
  • Modern User Interface: A modern desktop UI that is both skinnable and highly configurable.

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