Thomson Reuters launches TRAC to combat trade based money laundering

Business information giant Thomson Reuters Corp (NYSE:TRI) has announced the launch of TRAC, its new anti-money laundering solution to combat trade based money laundering (TBML) and drive transparency and efficiency across trade finance.

TBML is the use of international trade as a channel for legitimizing money attained from illicit activities. Schemes vary in complexity but typically involve misrepresentation of the price, quantity, or quality of imports or exports. Financial institutions may wittingly or unwittingly be implicated in these schemes when they are used to settle, facilitate, or finance international trade transactions.

BC Tan, Head of Client & Third Party Risk, Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters, said:

Trade finance is fundamental to global trade, yet indicators highlight TBML as a growing global problem with a recent report from Global Financial Integrity suggesting that 80% of illicit financial flows from developing countries are made through TBML schemes. As a result, global regulators are launching initiatives to mitigate the risks surrounding trade finance, with Singapore and Hong Kong the first countries in Asia to issue specific regulations related to trade finance.”

TRAC which stands for “Trade Finance, Regulations, Audit and Control” is a first-of-its kind end-to-end solution offering holistic risk management of trade finance while satisfying the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s recently developed guidelines on combating TBML.

TRAC combats risks at different stages of the trade finance life-cycle. From pre-trade, execution to post-trade, it performs screening of vessels and third parties (buyer/ seller/ shipper), tracks shipments, provides regulatory reporting and monitors transactions.

Sanjeev Chatrath, Managing Director, Financial & Risk, Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters, concluded:

Thomson Reuters is proud to launch TRAC, our newest solution in the fight against global trade based money laundering. By fostering an open and compliant network in trade finance, it encourages transparency and better business conduct. TRAC is a first-of-its kind solution offering holistic risk management for trade finance. It brings together unique data assets and workflow solutions across screening, dual use goods information on export controls and a wealth of commodities, FX and shipping data. This launch reinforces Thomson Reuters ongoing commitment to enable business success through sustainable, compliant and inclusive growth.”

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