Thomson Reuters Eikon app for iOS devices gets upgraded

Thomson Reuters Corp (NYSE:TRI) has just released a new version of its Thomson Reuters Eikon mobile application for iOS devices.

Version 4.2 of the application includes the following novelties:

1. Initial Selection screen has been released for first time users, to ensure the correct account type is selected before login for Eikon Subscribers or Standalone Messenger users.

2. Market Widget – Users can pull down on home screen and then add the Eikon Market Widget to the today tab. This will enable quick access to market data, easily available from anywhere on one’s phone.

3. News Feed improvements – “Load More” is introduced on both News Feed and News Search to support full history of News Content.

4. Bug Fix to support Topic Codes and operators in Search.

5. iPad Pro optimisation on the Dashboard.

The application seeks to offer owners of Thomson Reuters Eikon accounts a comprehensive, set of financial tools. The solution provides users with access to market-moving news, enables them to monitor their portfolio, to get custom alerts for market data, news and research. The application also gives access to Eikon Messenger.


You can find out more about the application by clicking here.

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Thomson Reuters Eikon app for iOS devices gets upgraded


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