Thomson Reuters boasts more than 20,000 companies using Eikon Messenger compliance services

Thomson Reuters Corp (NYSE:TRI) reported today that the number of companies now using the compliance services in Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger exceeds 20,000, pointing to growing awareness of the need for secure and compliant instant messaging communications.

The announcement comes several months after Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger adapted to regulatory demands and launched a proprietary bilateral chat function that restricts group conversations to a maximum of two companies at one time. In addition, all Eikon Messenger conversations and content are recorded, including chat rooms, file sharing, forms and screenshots.

“Since Thomson Reuters introduced the bilateral chat function in March this year, we have seen a surge in activity on Eikon Messenger as more and more companies realise the benefits of a secure and compliance-enabling instant messaging tool,” said Yvette Jackson, global head of collaboration services at Thomson Reuters.

“Now, over 75 percent of the millions of messages sent daily over the network are exchanged between different financial institutions, reflecting the confidence that our users have in our services. Firms across the industry are telling us that they want barriers to effective communication brought down and confidence in the tools that they use rebuilt. They are increasingly turning to Eikon Messenger to help do all of this.”

Available as part of Thomson Reuters Eikon and as a standalone, free-of-charge application, Messenger offers its users access to the world’s largest open directory of more than 210,000 users across over 120 countries.

The compliance tools in Eikon Messenger are available to all users.

To view the official announcement by Thomson Reuters, click here.

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