The 5 minute start-up: UniTrader CEO Patrick Oerer on platform functionality

Platform diversity in the retail FX industry has created a degree of variety over the past few years, with brokers having a range of modern solutions to offer their clients.

Many platforms are stand-alone, and can be integrated into a broker’s technological infrastructure as a seperate component, whereas others, including the ubiquitous MetaTrader 4, favor the single system approach, offering a proprietary solution from back office, right through to the end user platform.

One such proprietary platform is UniTrader, and in order to gain a full perspective on its functionality, LeapRate spoke to Patrick Oerer, CEO of UniTrader in a detailed interview.

How does a platform which is integrated within a firm that provides an entire brokerage solution and that can get white label partners up and running within a matter of minutes is very beneficial to recruiting enthusiastic partners in important regions globally?

We started to develop UniTrader back in 2011 based on the idea to build a simple and intuitive trading platform that is fully dedicated and customized to the needs and requirements of introducing brokers and white label partners.

With UniTrader we deliver a unique product and service to partners that increase their profitability and efficiency due to a state of the art technology.

Today, time indeed matters and thanks to UniTrader, our partners are able to setup their introducing broker or white label solution within less than 5 minutes.

The fully branded platform allows them to show their logo, contact details such as individual names of sales people or company name, direct phone numbers as well as email addresses and with the unique widget we have built in, they can even show their own website within the platform and use the live chat functions we have that built in to communicate with their clients, all without leaving the platform. All these nice and practical features can be setup and customized in few simple steps.


And this is indeed a truly competitive advantage we offer through UniTrader as the fast growing online FX business is still built on trust and relationship. UniTrader enables our partners to run their own labeled brokerage business, tag clients and prospective clients, help them to open demo/live accounts or teach them how to use the platform.

So in short we may say that UniTrader allows our partners to act like a real broker without any setup or maintenance cost and to develop their business in their own direction and with their own pace, where ever whenever.

What are the features and functions of Unitrader, and its ergonomics, and who uses it?

UniTrader represents a new generation of trading platforms with fantastic features and functionalities for any user…no matter if a single trader, an IB or a market maker. To explain the functionalities more detailed I have to segment UniTrader in:

General view

Demo and live account opening ability directly on the platform

Integrated deposits or withdrawals functions

Links to social media

Mobile App on Google +

Client view

Easy to navigate tools and screens suitable for novice and advanced traders

Intuitive structure of the platform displayed logically

Traders see market rates and risk exposure summary

Easy order management with individual margin call/stop out settings

Details account information of balance, equity, margin used, profit and loss

Partner view

Chat function to keep in touch with clients

Website widget for partners that allow displaying their own websites

Fully branded platform

Built-in CRM for live/demo accounts

Individual link to platform that can be sent to clients/demo

Simple conversion from demo to live account without leaving the platform

Spread widening, commissions or rebate settings with real time reimbursement account

WL, Omnibus, Money Manager facilities


Modular setup from single client to full Market Maker including dealer blotter and risk management window

Free choice of liquidity of one or multiple sources

Dealer interface

Auto or manual execution

Market to Market P/L

Clearing account

Risk management console

The Back Office/Reporting Console can be easily operated by a single person or a small size operations team.

How does its time-to-market, which is very quick, benefit brokers which use it?

UniTrader offers a fully enclosed trading environment for banks, brokers and market makers. The all-in-one setup of UniTrader with Dealer Blotter, Risk Management Console including variable functions how to manage risk, as well as the integrated CRM allows any broker to start its business from day one.

Indeed, time is money and UniTrader allows any market participant to save time and cost, as UniTrader is absolutely free of charge for introducing brokers, white labels, money managers or Omnibus white labels.

This year is our promotional year for UniTrader and we even offer the full setup including UniTrader server and license to brokers free of charge as long as they will clear with us. These are certainly the synergies we have as a result of retail FX brokerage BMFN offering UniTrader as an integrated proprietary platform.

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