SYSTRA releases algorithm building tool FXTraBox

SYSTRA Inc., a Seoul-based financial technology firm, has just rolled out its flagship product, FXTraBox, a solution that enables traders to build and deploy complex automated trading strategies without the need to use traditional means of programming, that is, without the need to write lines of code.

fxtrabox_insideOffered on a monthly subscription basis, FXTraBox offers a variety of modular, DIY, low-cost algorithm building and management features. In the beginning, FXTraBox will support OTC Forex trading and back testing via MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In the near future, however, FXTraBox is set to offer options, equities, futures and fixed income trading, along with live trading connections to FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM).

The team of SYSTRA Inc. has spent the past 3 years working on FXTraBox, seeking to deliver an intuitive design, easy-to-use interface and user-friendly functionality.

“We are putting powerful institutional tools into the retail traders’ hands with the launch of FXTraBox,” said Andrew Bark, SYSTRA CEO.

“Algorithmic trading has long been available only to institutional traders that have the resources for software engineers to build and execute on every trading strategy. We created FXTraBox to provide an intuitive, modular design that will provide anyone access to a web-based platform for building, simulating and executing algorithmic trading strategies.”

“We have built FXTraBox incrementally based on hundreds of actual traders’ feedbacks from the beginning, rather than purporting to specify the platform before development even starts”, he added.

SYSTRA’s patented builder removes the necessity to interface with software engineers. Rather than that, users have the ability to simply set key conditions, actions, indicators, and relationships.

At this point, FXTraBox offers more than 1,300 technical indicators and will soon add fundamental newsfeed, which can be set to an interval of anywhere from one minute to one day. SYSTRA’s cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere and does not require downloading or specialized software.

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